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Welcome to my portfolio website in which I will display my various websites that I have design, graphics that I have design and articles that I have written as well. You might recognize my name if you have vist Trap17.com, whom my current host has been for the last four four years.

The reason why I decided to finally build a site is that I don't expect much from it except for the the fact it is a place to display my stuff I have designed over the years. Through my years I have come to realize many truth's and that although I am good at what I do I know there are those who are better then me. So I must learn from them the best way I know how and that is by visiting their websites.

Of course, now I have started my life as a blogger and and a twitter user as well, but my main focus will always be web design and graphic design. Of course, when I have no projects going on you will see me mostly on blog as I try to update it on a daily basis.

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