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Welcome to the official home page of the Evil Society, a group of people so EVIL they should be in the F.B.I's top 10 list. But in all actuallity we are group of forum members who actively participate (when we get the chance) in the trap17,com forums. Our group consists of great designers from across the group. We consist of web designers and graphic designers who help others out but with Evil and trickery.

Would like to thank Saint-Michael (Pure Evil) for setting up the EVIL hosting account along with downloading this EVIL template so as to scare those people straight....MUHAHAHAHAHAHA You won't see many updates, but I plan to have a couple of RSS feeds from the forums we participate in running.

Now for the advertising Schtick. we are hosted by Trap17 Hosting, and also our members have free hosting accounts at Trap17 Hosting. Which are both great services and if you feel that you need more then I would recommend Computinghost who provide cheap but awesome paid hosting plans, so check them out and don't forget to sign up on the forums and talk with a community of designers by clicking this Link



Well with our first official evil polls completed it is time to update our site and of course with a small change in our navigation. I changed "About Us" to "Evil Facts & info" to accomadate our new pages to the site. As for the poll results here are our new official Evil things, if you can call it thats. Hopefully in the nect week or so I will add some new polls ot add to our our collection and what not, so enjoy the new pages and what not.

Our Official Evil Shape Winner is...THE PAC MAN ICON! and funny enough I found a awesome evil image of the pacman so that hsould be a good laugh right there .

Our Official Evil Product Winner is...ALL MICROSOFT PRODUCTS! For you linux users you will really enjoy that. As for hte link well we just added the microsoft website in all it's Evil Glory .

Our Official Evil Planet Winner is....PLUTO! Although the science world demoted Pluto as a primary planey..those cheap bastards. We of the Evil Society support Pluto as our planet.

Our Official Evil Theme Song Winner is...Star War's Darth Vader Intro. What could be more evilier then the Dark Lord of hte Sith Darth Vader himself. Beethoven 5th symphony is a awesome but just not evil...also I couldn't any good midi files for it.

Official Evil Flower Winner is....POISON IVY! Well just to let you know that it's a plant and not a flower either way it has been chose by the voters as the Evil Flower/Plant of the Evil Society.

Also a new rule has gone into for Evil Society members, if your


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