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What can I say about myself, I was born October 15th, 1981 in Wisconsin to a family of famers and then a few years later we moved to Vermont where I currently live. I have an older brother with two kids and younger sister with one and as for my status currently single at the moment. Parents are stilling living of course and I have four cats living with us.

I am web designer, graphic designer, programmer of some sorts and I have been doing this since 1995 give or take a couple of days. As for the languages I know or work with consist of (X)(D)HTML, CSS, PHP, MXML, XML, JavaScript, ActionScript to name a few and I do all my coding in Adobe Products which include Dreamweaver, Flash and Flex. As for my graphic design skils, I have been going at it on and off for three years now with 99% retirement in sig designing which I consider myself ok in. However, I do create layouts and banners, no Illustrator though and I do all my work in Adobe Photoshop.

I have recently got into Adobe Air/Flex in which I am a complete noob in since I am one of those copy and paste programmers who has some understanding to it but not able to retain that information. I also been getting into computer building/repair, computer cleaning/security and some minor networking as well.

As for memberships I am part of the Xisto/Trap17 community in which I do some minor consulting and support for hosting members. I would consider it a second home more or less for what I do. I am also a member of the New England Adobe User Group and I have been a member for a year now and I have met quite a few people since thing and picked up a few odd free lance jobs as well.

Also I am currently a student who is about five months away from earning my Associates Degree in Computer Management at Community College of Vermont. I am also Army Veteran who serve a tour in Iraq from 2003-2004 and I do suffer from Undocumented Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. What I mean by undocumented is that I never consulted anyone about it and pretty much refuse to do so because of my views on life and other stuff.

So that is about me really and if I missed anything you could check out my forum introduction that I wrote almost threes after I joined (lol). So that is me and if your looking for someone to do some website work or other computer related work drop me a line and we talk more about it.

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