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I have been a web designer for over 13 years now, although I begun to design websites for clients, which I have two now. Even though I am not an expert designer I know my way around most everything that is out there. I have touch upon every language that is possible, I don't do much back end stuff as programming is not my strong point.

The major problem with creating my own website is that I know the design is never good enough, even now I know this website could be better, but whatever. I know the following or have work with the languages: HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MXML, ActionScript, XML, ASP, and AJAX.

Software that I use is Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR


Art By J. Frances McCarthy

This was my frist client in which they wanted a website/photo gallery to display their art. They were going to sell their art through the use of Zen Cart, but it was later shelved do to what was involved in setting up a e-commerce website.

Paul Miller Photos

This was my second client that I design a website for and remembering my experience from the previous website I went with gallery software to make the uploading and displaying photos.


This is the first website I have design for Xisto Corportation back in 2005-2006. I had design the template in Photoshop and then coded it from there. This website was built for the graphics forum at Trap17.com


This is the second website I built for Xisto Coportion based on the gaming forums on Trap17.com.

Trap17 Evil Society

This was a favorite design that I did back in 2007, in which I and a few other members design a Unofficial Trap17 group. Which consisted of member of various levels of computer skills, web design skills who are active members on the Trap17 forums. Although we have not been active since the beginning of the yearr, but some members are still active in the forums. So check out the brief history of our little group and how insane we are on Trap17.

Trap17 Awards

Every year on the Trap17 forums, we an awards program in which we recognize the excellence of various members based on their participatiion in the forum. I have been running the awards now for two years and of course have won numerous awards in various categories because of my participation in the forums.

Critters And You

I did some Wordpress consulting for a friend of mine to help get her blog going which is about her and her animals. Which consist of 2 dogs and 3 cats which she loves and andores. The website is recently new and so go check it out and wait for her content to begin filling up.

Saint Michael's Blog

I started this blog up in December and since then I have added a lot of entries of which are linked fro mthis very website. So check it out, sign up, leave some comments and tell your friends about it.

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